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Monthly Archives: May 2011

to be organized or not be?

  So this is where I work.  The non-organization is driving me crazy.  I know where everything is but I feel the craziness in my life when I look at it.  I wish I could find a way to be organzied that fits me.  I get these great ideas on how to stay organized, get […]

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my ev

My little Ev is my perfect mix of my older two. He has Cy’s laid back attitude and curiosity of everything but Mia’s spunk and independence. It is so amazing how children who grow up in the same household are so different. I use to think a little of what a child would be like […]

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what if?

What if you met a family who has an eight year old son.  In speaking with them you find out all he wants to do is his passion.  His parents are delighted and say his passion is all they ever hear about, all he does and he is good at it.  He stays up late […]

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organic gardening

Going a long with everything I have been researching on leading a healthier life and the present state of the food industry in general, my kiddos and I decided to have an organic garden.  They are so excited!  We decided on using raised beds for all the benefits (plus we have really bad soil for […]

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