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Monthly Archives: July 2011

Take Fear Out!

Fear…every single human being has fears.  Fears are learned either through experience or witnessing an experience through others.  Why do we let fear rule our lives?  There are so many people out there who have just gone out and done/tried/accomplished/failed because they walked right past their fears.  Other sit back to witness and then are […]

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a walk around town and family

We just got back from camping for the weekend.  It was our first time camping with the kids and they absolutely loved all of it!  We are of course exhausted but it was a great experience and we hope to go again before the summer is done.  I will post those images but am waiting […]

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my funk

I finally got my scans back – phew!  I have so many to share but the post got pretty big so I will share some landscape shots, then some snapshots of the family and then I have just a few of the small town we stayed in – a simple way to document our family […]

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A first harvest

 When we got back from vacation there were these three beautiful banana peppers just waiting to be picked.  It is so funny – I don’t want to pick anything because I never know if it is done growing or not, then I wait too long and it goes bad.  Anyway, we also have some green […]

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Back from vacation

Well we are back from vacation.  It is so hard to get back to “real” life and I wonder if there is a way to have that vacation life be more real.  Less stress, more fun, being with those you love completely, doing things you love… Is there a way?  Would the world be a […]

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