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Monthly Archives: August 2011

Bobbing Along

I feel like I am just bobbing around, staying a float but not having a clear direction, I’m just here wondering what is next.  I keep reminding myself that each day brings opportunity – what am I going to do with each day, all those opportunities?  Will I be present?  Will I figure out how […]

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first day of first grade

As I sit here trying to stay busy I cannot stop thinking about you.  I just dropped you off for your first full day of first grade and I am so sad but also so proud of you Cy.  You have always been my little buddy.  Remember those mornings after your gym class we would […]

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I had a most amazing experience last week.  I attended a workshop and I cannot believe how much it made me think, made me dig deep…made see me.  I will share the whole story soon along with the scans as the entire day was shot on film. On another note, we had a family vacation […]

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Negative Energy

This journey I started a few months ago has been full of ups and downs.  I have mentioned before about my funk, trying to take fear out of my life and finding the hiding artist.  All these posts, all this time, I have been searching, looking for that sign, something to get me on the […]

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Camping Adventure

A couple of weekends ago we went camping with a couple of other families in Michigan.  I do not mind camping and actually really enjoy most of it.  First, I dislike hate bugs.  They gross me out and they are every where all the time.  But that comes with the great outdoors so I have […]

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