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Monthly Archives: April 2012

stocking the house

The “stuff” is starting to pile up!  We had a baby show a couple of weeks ago and don’t really have anywhere to put the baby stuff (more coming soon on the shower).  Plus  I have been stocking up on diapers, wipes and whatever else to ease our transition.  If I need a c-section I […]

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summer this year

This summer is going to be so different from last summer.  We were so many places, seeing new things, doing new things and hardly ever home.  The kids did swim lessons, camps, sports and were at the pool almost everyday.  I think back and just cannot believe how amazing of a time we had as […]

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mama’s concert

“Mama, can I give you a concert?” she said. It was a sunny afternoon and Ev was fast asleep.  I had so much laundry, cleaning, dishes, work….to do.  But I stopped. “Yes, of course my love.” I responded. I sat where she instructed me and waited while she got her stage set-up.  I just smiled.  […]

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Making My Home

Well I probably committed blog suicide by not posting for 50 days but such is life.  I have been wondering where the direction of this blog is going, what am I doing, how am I going to do this!?  With the crazy curve ball we have been thrown on top of business issues and dealing […]

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