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When I was in 3rd grade or so I found Bob Ross on TV.  I was mesmerized by what he could do with his paintbrushes, oils and a canvas.  His “happy trees” were always perfect.  He was truly an amazing artist and was passionate about his work.  I wanted to paint like him so bad.  I asked for paints and all I ever got was those cheap Crayola watercolors – a far cry from oils and acrylics.  I did what I could with those paints…I sometimes wonder what if…

So this morning Mia wanted to paint (like she does about every other morning) and I hauled out the Tempra paints for her and Ev.  This was Ev’s first time painting and he loved it so much he cried when we stopped.  So me and Mia painted and I was thinking.  In my homeschool research I found something written by an unschooling mom.  She said to invest a little money and buy “real” art supplies.  I decided today was the day to try acrylics.  We were on a mission at Hobby Lobby.  We walked out with only about $50 in acrylics, brushes and canvases but we were ready.  After lunch Cy, Mia and I sat on the floor and started our masterpieces.  They had a BLAST!  They thought it was so great to be painting a real canvas and to use color that don’t run everywhere and mix quickly.  They used the scraping tools (is that what they are called?), brushes and their hands.  They mixed and thought and experimented.  It was great to witness and to try myself.  It was very relaxing and I think there might be an acrylics class in my future.  I would love to learn more techniques and more how to as I have no idea what I am doing!

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