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another year

Yesterday was September 12th.  I was not looking forward to “tomorrow”.  Why did it come so fast?  I do not want to be another year older.  I can say I am officially in my mid-30s now.  Duh-duh-duh…the big 34.  Sigh… Hubby said it is just another day older.  But it isn’t.  From now on whenever I fill out paperwork I have to write a 34, or if someone asks (which I get a lot because I guess I look young or something) I now have to say 34, or when the kids ask I have to say 34, or just the fact of knowing it is now 34.

I have been having these thoughts recently about being a kid.  Remembering back to the ages of my older ones…things I was thinking, wanting to do, accomplish, what I wanted to be… it was always changing.  But something that really sticks out in my mind is being 8 or 9.  I always admired the sky, its greatness, its change from one day to the next, never the same sunset or sunrise – it was limitless.  I would just look up and smile and be free with it.  On one particular day I remember looking up and seeing these glorious sun beams shining everywhere.  I mean everywhere.  It seemed like I was surrounded by something special that day – as if this light was just meant for me.  From that day forward I always looked at light differently and how it truly is the Artist’s brush of beauty on this earth.

Last night as I was leaving Trader Joe’s (feeling a bit agitated at the coming day) I looked up and stopped in the middle of the parking lot.  Something just for me…a reminder that even though I am a year older, I am still blessed to be able to witness greatness.


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