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I never thought of myself as a “camper”.  I would rather stay in a nice hotel with a pool, shower and a comfy bed than be with spiders, mosquitoes, hard ground and just feeling/being dirty all the time.  These camping trips have shown me that it does not matter.  Our kids have.so.much.fun.  And when they are happy I am.  Don’t be scared or worried or whatever to do stuff with your kids.  Sure there is some things you cannot do with a two year old but there are plenty of things you can.  Go out there…enjoy what you have…go on an adventure…your kids will learn so much and what an amazing bonding experience it can be.  You never know what you will find or where it can lead.


All images take with Nikon F100, 50mm 1.4, Ektar 100 or HP5, no editing

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