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goodbye photography, hello being a mom!

For nine years I have owned my own business.  Nine years ago I became a mom… It was always our plan for me to stay at home with the kids.  I must say before I had Cy I had thoughts about keeping some kind of part-time job to get me out of the house.  Ronny […]

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our new school

A couple of years ago I really started researching homeschooling.  Our oldest son was so unhappy in kindergarten, then again in 1st grade – I didn’t know what else to do.  He would cry every single day before school and I had to literally pull him out of the car every morning.  It was miserable […]

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Disney Cruise

Our Disney Cruise seems like it was eons ago and I just realized I never finished my posting about the cruise itself. It was a   l o n g   22 hour nonstop (well pit stops) drive down to Cocoa Beach.  We were dropping off the twins at my parents house and then jumping […]

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Today I got the call…  Today I learned… Today I have realized… A few weeks ago I had an interview for a photography job (can’t go into details).  Anyway this job was so far out of my usual happy kiddos shoot but I wanted it bad.  Something new, something exciting, who knows where it could lead.  […]

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a walk around town and family

We just got back from camping for the weekend.  It was our first time camping with the kids and they absolutely loved all of it!  We are of course exhausted but it was a great experience and we hope to go again before the summer is done.  I will post those images but am waiting […]

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