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my Cy is back!!

The month of June is so busy for us.  We have swim lessons, two nature camps, doctor appointments, dentist appointments, and our annual family vacation, oh yeah, and work too! 

Cy has been out of school for almost two and a half weeks.  I have been paying attention to him and how he is doing now that school is done.  First I want to mention his stutter has suddenly disappeared!  I mean it is crazy.  He has been in speech therapy (long story) since he was almost three.  He had been doing great then school started and the stutter was so horrible it was like we regressed back a whole year.  The month of May there was another huge regression and then for the past two weeks or so NOTHING!  Let’s keep our fingers crossed that this continues.

I remember during the school year my husband thought I was overreacting to how Cy was acting or how sad he was, that his Cy spirit was gone, that he was not interested in reading.  I could see it, Cy told me about it and I knew in my heart it was true.  My husband saw nothing…until now.  We have our sweet, compassionate, happy-go-lucky, caring, lovable, proud, talkative, spirited, confident, sincere, helpful boy back in our lives.  In just two weeks he has changed and it finally wasn’t just me.  Just today he asked me if I figured out anything for first grade yet.  I had to tell him no.  Then he said I want to go to kindergarten next year.  I was surprised and said “So you like kindergarten so much that you want to go back?”  His response, “No, [sigh] if I have to go to school next year I just want it to be for a half day like kindergarten so I can still spend time with the family.”  Breaks.My.Heart.  My little (big) man is the sweetest.  He has been so helpful with Mia and Ev, they are spending so much time together and laughing together and telling each other that they love ‘em (oh, there is the occasional fight but hardly any).  I mean they adore each other and school seemed to get in the way of that.  He also has regained his interest in reading.  Every day he wants to read now and asks to go to the library!  We even checked out Swiss Family Robinson for me to read to him.  He is so into the plot I hope he gets hooked even more.

We are still trying to figure everything out.  I actually visited a charter school and really loved it.  It is still in our option box for now but it is a lot further drive than I really want and on the pricey side.  But at least we are investigating all options to be ready for the big decision. 

So below is a little shoot with my Cy.  I wanted to try out this super grainy film for fun and love all the portraits I took.  I was also practicing manual focusing.  I am proud of my results and know this is only the beginning!

Nikon F100, Ilford Delta 3200 

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angie - love that film, i’ve used it too! cy is SO handsome, i’m happy to hear of his progress!

admin - Thanks so much for stopping by. It is so much fun trying new films and seeing what you get!

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