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What Am I Doing?

During the day I am always asking myself this question.  Getting meals or snacks, signing forms, calling the insurance company, checking schedules for playdates, making and washing bottles, laundry, e-mails, you know everything.  I can’t remember one minute to the next what I am doing.  So I slow down and ask myself these four simple […]

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goodbye photography, hello being a mom! » A Personal Journal by Andrea Brogle - […] are so many times on this blog I have wondered what am I doing, what is next, why am I doing this…there was this constant struggle with balance and I had no […]

So much to say so little time…

Um, is anyone still there?  These past couple of months have been time full of changes, adjustments, school activities, family time, visitors and so much more.  I started this blog to find my inner voice, to have a chance to write and get better and to just share.  Since the arrival of the girlies it […]

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Time flies

I had dinner with a “wise” friend the other night.  She said something that made me so at ease, so less stressed and comforted.  She said “once you have three or more children you have decided to live and devote your life to your children.  There is not much time for you and you do […]

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Twins Birth Story

If you don’t like birth stories feel free to scroll down to see pictures of the twins! Me the day before having the twins… Me after getting my epidural… The birth story… Most twins are born during week 36 gestation.  There was no doubt in my mind that I would be done carrying these babies […]

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angie - oh andrea! they are absolutely beautiful, what an amazing birth. congrats to you guys.