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this is me…


i am a mom, wife and photographer

i adore my family with all my heart

i love the colors green and white

i am always barefoot…until it gets too cold then i have tons of super cute (aka ugly to hubby) slippers

i am always listening to music and my favorites change daily

i want to redecorate my home with simple clean lines but still have it “homey”

i am always trying new teas BUT cannot resist a good mocha

i wish i could spend all my freetime at the beach – with my family of course

i am a creative and artisitc person who has been hiding it from the world

i love fruit and constantly eat it through out the day

i am here to be open and honest

i cannot wait to start sharing this journey… a journey to find the person i really am…to wake up the hiding artist…to find balance with my life…to be present…

to be me

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